Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus deal to take in Prigozhin puts him in an even more repressive nation

Russian mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin was notorious for unbridled and profane challenges to authority even before the attempted rebellion that he mounted Saturday. The reported agreement for him to go into exile in Belarus would place him in a country where such behavior is even less acceptable than in his homeland.

Putin says sent nuclear warheads to Belarus

President Vladimir Putin on Friday confirmed Russia had sent nuclear arms to its ally Belarus which borders Ukraine.

"The first nuclear warheads were delivered to the territory of Belarus... This is the first part," Putin told an annual economic forum, where AFP and media of other countries Russia deems "unfriendly" were not accredited.

Belarus has no immediate plans to adopt Russian ruble

Belarus and Russia have no plans to adopt a joint currency in the near future, Belarus' strongman leader has announced.

Speaking at a meeting with the head of Russia's central bank, Alexander Lukashenko said that introducing the Russian ruble in Belarus would not be "an easy process," and that the authorities in Minsk had no intentions so far of doing so.