Views of Kosovo Women Often Unheard on TV, Attacked Online

On Twitter, Avdiu was mentioned in 334 comments within 24 hours of the T7 post - 55 per cent contained sexual content, 30 per cent constituted harassment, and only two per cent were supportive. Analysis showed that only one of the Twitter accounts was fake; the rest were real.

And Avdiu is not alone.

Zana Avdiu, a women's rights activist. Photo: Courtesy of Zana Avdiu.

Greek Journalists to Sue Turkish Religious Authority For Destroyed Cameras 

Earthquake victims mourn relatives who lost their lives in the powerful earthquakes, in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, 5 March 2023. Photo: EPA-EFE/SEDAT SUNA

The reporters were in Turkey covering the deadly earthquake that killed more than 50,000 people and left millions without homes. All three are freelancers and received official journalistic accreditation from the Turkish state.

Too Many Children Suffering Abuse in Kosovo Schools, TV Show Hears

Sexual, physical and mental abuse of school pupils in Kosovo is one of the biggest challenges for Kosovo's Social Welfare Centres, after domestic violence, due to the high number of phsycological, physical and sexual abuse cases in schools, BIRN Kosovo's TV show Kallxo Pernime heard on Wednesday

Kosovo Seeks Extradition of War Crimes Defendants from Serbia

Kosovo's Justice Minister Albulena Haxhiu said on Sunday that she has written to her Serbian counterpart Maja Popovic asking for Nezir Mehmetaj and Petrit Dula, who have both been charged with war crimes by Serbia, to be sent back to Kosovo, despite the lack of legal cooperation between the two countries.

Concerns Grow About Albanian Children Missing in UK

A British minister said Albanian children are prominent among migrant youngsters who have gone missing from hostels and hotels run by the Home Office - the UK equivalent to the Interior Ministry.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick told MPs that of 4,600 child asylum seekers who had arrived in the UK since 2021, 440 had gone missing and only about half had returned.

Albanians Mull Options as Data Security Takes New Hit

Last month, Credins Bank became the latest target as the Homeland Justice hackers hit a private entity for the first time.

Authorities say they have everything under control and have banned media from reporting on the content of the leaks. But ordinary Albanians are increasingly concerned for the security of their personal data.