Albanian Experts Query Rama’s Move to Revive Gambling

Experts have expressed dismay after Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on Wednesday raised the possibility of again allowing online gambling, saying the move would be harmful and regressive.

Aacknowledging his government's failure to crack down on the industry, Rama said gambling activity had continued despite the ban his party imposed a few years back.

‘Clean-Up Operation’: Looking for Bosnian Massacre Suspects, 30 Years On

On the basis of documents and witness testimonies, BIRN has identified three potential suspects who have never been charged - Sanica police chief Milan Tomic, his deputy commander, Petar Mihic, and Bosnian Serb Army Sanica Battalion commander Jovan Kevac.

Picturing War: Professor Scavenges for Food in Besieged Sarajevo

Bosnian photographer, film director and cinematographer Sahin Sisic documented life in the besieged capital Sarajevo during the 1992-95 war, a period that formed the rest of his private and professional life.

One of the most memorable pictures he recalled from that time was his photograph of professor Semsudin Harlac, which was taken in 1992.

Education in Hungary and Poland: Crisis in the Classroom

"The poor state of the Polish education system is the effect of actions by all governments in power since 1989," Martynowicz tells BIRN.

"But my decision to leave the state system is caused to a large extent by what happened in the [seven] years since [Law and Justice] PiS came to power," he says.

Against Bleak Global Backdrop, Kosovo’s Dokufest Ponders ‘How to Survive?’

Sixty-eight-year-old Cava will work until 11 p.m., trying to earn enough money to buy the medicine his wife needs to treat her cancer, while festivalgoers hurry excitedly through the city, tickets and souvenirs in hand.

One cob of Cava's roasted corn costs a euro. He sells up to 50 a day during Dokufest, but barely 10 on other days.

BIRN Journalists Threatened by Turkish Far-Right ‘Wolves’

Photo: Sam McGhee/

The threats were sent from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and from Turkey, on June 28, and since then, after BIRN published an investigation into the Grey Wolves organisation's branch and its activities in Bosnia.

Kuloglija and Buyuk continued to receive messages on their phones with intimidating content after the publication of the article.

Moldova Runs out of Cash to Pay Gazprom’s August Bill

Moldova will not be able to honour its payment obligations for August for gas from Gazprom, the director of Moldovagaz, Vadim Ceban, told BIRN on Thursday.

"We hope we can get an extension of the payment term. The deadline is August 20, but I think we can also pay on August 22," Ceban told BIRN.