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PMP's Tomac: I, my colleagues, to vote for Klaus Iohannis; we cannot boycott

The Chairman of the People's Movement Party (PMP), Eugen Tomac, announces that he and his party colleagues will vote for Klaus Iohannis in the runoff of the presidential election, excluding the variant of a boycott. "I am sorry that we did not have a serious debate in the runoff between the first two candidates.

PM Orban about car-injured bear's case in Harghita: Authorities have greatly delayed making decision

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said Monday that, in the case of the bear injured in a road accident in Harghita County, the authorities have greatly delayed the decision-making process. "According to the normative acts, the veterinarian should have evaluated the situation.

#2019PresidentialElection/ Iohannis: I am counting on votes of USR-PLUS, PMP but also UDMR voters

The National Liberal Party (PNL)'s candidate in the presidential elections, Klaus Iohannis, the incumbent president, has stated on Friday that in the second round of the presidential elections he is counting on the votes of the PNL, Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party Alliance (USR PLUS Alliance) and People's Movement Party (PMP) voters, but desires to obtain votes also fro

PSD's Teodorovici: I am Al Capone, just as Mr Citu is FBI head

The Social Democratic Party (PSD)'s Executive President Eugen Teodorovici on Thursday expressed "deep disappointment and sorrow" over the fact that Minister of Finance Florin Citu "does not know how to read a budget". In his opinion, Florin Citu held "an attempt of press conference, instead of presenting a situation ten days after taking office".

#2019PresidentialElection/BEC final results: Iohannis - 37.82pct, Dancila - 22.26pct, Barna - 15.02pct

President Klaus Iohannis has won the first round of the presidential election by 37.82pct, seconded by the PSD (Social Democratic Party) candidate Viorica Dancila, by 22.26pct and the candidate of USR PLUS (Save Romania Union - Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity) Alliance Dan Barna, by 15.02pct, after the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) has gathered the results from all of the polling statio

Dancila: I believe Mr. Iohannis is afraid of direct confrontation with me in front of Romanians

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) candidate for the presidential elections, Viorica Dancila, claims that President Klaus Iohannis "is afraid of a direct confrontation" with her before the second round of elections. "I believe that Mr. Iohannis is afraid of a direct confrontation with me, in front of all Romanians. During our institutional collaboration, we have met before, we've interacted.

Iohannis: There can be no debate with candidate whose party has ruled against Romanians

President Klaus Iohannis rejects the idea of debates before the second round of the presidential elections, with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) representative in the electoral race, Viorica Dancila, who, he says, represents a party that "has ruled against the Romanians". "There can be no debate with a candidate of a party that for three years has ruled against the Romanians.

#2019PresidentialElection/Provisional results after count in 5,804 stations nationwide: Iohannis - 36.54%; Dancila - 26.79%; Barna - 9.69%

The provisional results after counting the votes cast in 5,804 polling stations nationwide in Sunday's election place National Liberal Party (PNL) candidate Klaus Iohannis first, with 36.54%. According to the data supplied by the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP), out of the 1,433,304 valid votes, the PNL candidate garnered a number of 523,791 votes.

#2019PresidentialElection/ Provisional results in diaspora, after counting votes in 51 stations: Iohannis - 2,256 votes, Barna - 2,249

National Liberal Party (PNL) candidate in the presidential election, President Klaus Iohannis, garnered in Sunday's ballot a number of 2,256 votes in the diaspora, and Save Romanian Union - Freedom, Solidarity and Unity Party (USR- PLUS) Alliance representative Dan Barna - 2,249 votes, after the count of paper ballots in 51 polling stations abroad.