Kiril Petkov

Turmoil in Bulgarian Parliament as Health Fund Manager's Resignation Accepted Against Backdrop of Controversy

In a dramatic turn of events in the Bulgarian Parliament, the resignation of Stanimir Mihailov, the manager of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), was unexpectedly accepted, despite Mihailov having withdrawn it prior. The decision sparked outcry among parliamentary groups, with Kiril Petkov of "We Continue the Change" party labeling the move as reminiscent of a dictatorship.

Controversy Erupts in Bulgaria Over Alleged Influence of Boyko Borissov on Caretaker Government

Tensions have reached a boiling point in Bulgaria as accusations fly regarding the extent of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's influence over the current caretaker government. Slavi Trifonov, leader of "There Is Such a People," sparked outrage with his claims that Borissov, not Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev, is effectively managing the caretaker government.

Deadline Looms for Caretaker PM Candidate as Election Preparations Intensify in Bulgaria

As Bulgaria gears up for a pivotal juncture in its political landscape, the spotlight falls on Dimitar Glavchev, the candidate for caretaker prime minister, as the deadline approaches for potential changes to his proposed caretaker government.

Dimitar Glavchev's Proposed Cabinet Structure Sparks Political Reactions

In a tense political climate, the proposed cabinet formation by acting Prime Minister candidate Dimitar Glavchev has ignited controversy and accusations from various political quarters. The unveiling of the draft structure and composition of the Council of Ministers took place amidst consultations attended by the head of state, Rumen Radev, and representatives from parliamentary factions.

Bulgaria's Potential Unethical Election Campaign: Kiril Petkov's Concerns

WCC-DB leaders have announced the onset of what they deem as the most nefarious pre-election campaign in Bulgaria, with Kiril Petkov taking the lead by accusing the resigned Interior Minister, Kalin Stoyanov, of deceiving deputies during his hearing regarding Martin Bojanov, "The Notary".

Borissov: GERB Will Be Opposition if Petkov and Peevski Form Government

Boyko Borissov, leader of GERB, stated that if Kiril Petkov and Delyan Peevski opt to form a government, his party would serve as a strong opposition, as he would not form a government solely with DPS. The leader of GERB  made these remarks on the sidelines of parliament, addressing questions regarding recent political developments.

Petkov: When GERB Is Not In Power The Birth Rate Goes Up!

Tensions flared among former coalition partners as they debated the impact of their governance on Bulgaria's demographic crisis. Kiril Petkov, co-chairman of We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria, pointed to National Statistical Institute (NSI) data suggesting a correlation between governance and the birth rate.

Resigned Prime Minister Denkov Vows Support for New Caretaker PM

Resigned Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov has pledged support for his successor, Dimitar Glavchev, while asserting that he will not remove deputy ministers from the previous administration. Denkov's assurances come amidst a changing political landscape in Bulgaria, with key party dynamics shaping up ahead of looming elections.