Kristian Vigenin

“We Continue the Change” discussed their Declaration of Priorities - Which Parties will Support it?

"We Continue the Change" held a meeting with the parliamentary parties in connection with obtaining the second mandate and the national priorities for forming a government. BSP, "Democratic Bulgaria", "Bulgarian Rise" and "Vazrazhdane" came to the meeting.

Unprecedented: MPs Failed to Elect a Speaker of the Bulgarian Parliament (UPDATED)

The 48th National Assembly failed to elect a Speaker of the Parliament after two procedures with two re-votes each, creating an unprecedented situation. Finally, the presiding Vezhdi Rashidov announced that the procedure will continue tomorrow, at 10:00 a.m.

Bulgarian MP: We have No Reason to Lift the Veto on North Macedonia

"The topic of North Macedonia has become an object of political abuse of all kinds. There is a strategic solution for Bulgaria, we must look for possible solutions, not to accumulate political dividends. Our task as a state is not to veto or stop RNM but to complete our goals - the rights of Bulgarians in the Republic of North Macedonia, the common history, the language of hatred.

Nominating Committee to Support Presidential Couple Radev Iotova

A steering committee to nominate President Rumen Radev and Vice President Iliana Iotova as independent candidates to run for a second term in office at the November 14 presidential elections held its inaugural meeting on Monday. The committee comprises nearly 200 members, among them politicians, intellectuals, athletes, science, culture and art figures, and journalists.

Bulgaria will Sell Huge and Deserted Properties it Owns Abroad

Bulgaria has a large building stock abroad and for many years it has not been managed well. This conclusion was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva in response to a question by BSP MP Kristian Vigenin during parliamentary scrutiny. She assured that the government is working to optimize the cost of building maintenance.