Mariya Gabriel

Schengen Progress: Bulgaria Targets 2024 Land Accession, Sets Air and Sea Entry for March

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov addressed Bulgaria's ongoing negotiations for Schengen accession during a detailed briefing, shedding light on the status of discussions regarding the inclusion of land borders, confirming the absence of specified timelines in negotiations with key partners.

New 'Help Me' App in Bulgaria Aims to Combat Domestic Violence

Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel introduced a powerful tool, the 'Help Me' ('Помогни ми') mobile application, signaling a collective stance against all forms of violence during its launch at the Council of Ministers. This app serves as an informational resource providing crucial details about the legal assistance available to victims of domestic abuse.

North Macedonia's Osmani: EU Negotiating Framework Shields Against Bulgarian Demands

North Macedonia's Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani affirmed that Bulgaria's potential future demands on his country would not disrupt its European Union (EU) accession negotiations, highlighting the EU's framework as a barrier against such issues.

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Urges Progress On Land Borders For Schengen Integration

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov emphasized the importance of addressing land borders alongside proposed air and sea border agreements as Bulgaria pursues integration into the Schengen area. Speaking on Nova TV, he underscored the need for advancements concerning land borders, emphasizing the nation should not be excluded from these discussions.

Indian Navy Tracks Hijacked Bulgarian Ship 'Ruen' in Arabian Sea, Somali Pirates Suspected

The Indian Navy has reported tracking the Bulgarian cargo ship "Ruen", flying the Maltese flag, after it was hijacked in the Arabian Sea. The vessel is believed to have been seized by Somali pirates, although their identity has yet to be confirmed.

Still No Contact With The Crew Of The Hijacked Bulgarian Ship ‘Ruen’

There is still no contact with the crew of the hijacked ship "Ruen", owned by the "NAVIBULGAR" shipping company. No access to satellite phones either. There are 18 people on board the vessel, 8 of whom are Bulgarians, as well as sailors from Angola and Myanmar. The ship was boarded yesterday 380 nautical miles east of the island Socotra, in the waters of the Arabian Sea.

Bulgaria Stands Firm on Schengen Membership Bid, Says Foreign Minister

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel emphasized Bulgaria's unwavering stance on its Schengen entry aspirations, vowing to maintain the hard-earned progress and efforts in joining the border-free zone. Gabriel conveyed this commitment while addressing reporters during her participation in a session of the parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee.

Bulgaria's 'Ruen' Ship Seized in Arabian Sea: Crew Safety a Top Priority (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The crew of the hijacked vessel "Ruen," belonging to the "NAVIBULGAR" shipping company, remains out of contact, including through satellite phones. Onboard are 18 individuals, including 8 Bulgarians, alongside sailors from Angola and Myanmar.