Nikolay Denkov

Bulgaria: The Two Leading Political Coalitions still Cannot Agree on a Future Government

The resumption of talks between GERB-SDS and "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB) did not lead to clarity on what the future formula for governing the country could be. The two political forces again differed in their opinion - with which mandate there can be a regular government.

Bulgaria: Kiril Petkov and WCC-DB not comment on any Cabinet Names until Tuesday

"Until next Tuesday, any names you hear are just rumors". Thus, the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" Kiril Petkov commented on the sidelines of the parliament about the names of ministers in the future cabinet that appeared in the public space.

Bulgaria: "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" met with the President for Consultations

"We Continuing the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" stated to President Rumen Radev their firm intention to not work together with GERB in the executive power and not to support a cabinet with a mandate from Borissov's party. The stated position of the new coalition is to propose their cabinet within the second mandate if it comes down to it.

Bulgaria: Rotation of the Chairman of Parliament - The First one will be Rosen Zhelyazkov

Rosen Zhelyazkov to be elected chairman of the 49th National Assembly. If the parliament works for more than 3 months, it is possible to have a rotation based on a gentleman's agreement between GERB-SDS and We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria.

GERB and “We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria” are preparing a Common Legislative Program

The two largest parliamentary formations - GERB and "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" are preparing a common legislative program, which they will propose to the other political forces in the National Assembly after the holidays.

"We Continue the Change": There can be No Direct Agreement with GERB, only on Specific Policies

"We Continue the Change" can reach an agreement with GERB on certain policies, but there can be no question of an agreement between the two formations. This became clear from the statement of Acad. Nikolay Denkov, after returning the folder with the unfulfilled second mandate to President Rumen Radev.