Thousands entering Serbia to get a vaccine VIDEO

Crossings with Bosnia and Herzegovina completely jammed.
Border crossings cameras are showing convoys of vehicles entering Serbia at the crossings of Mali Zvornik, Sremska Raca and Trbusnica.
Convoys of vehicles are also registered at the Horgos crossing, at the entrance to Serbia from Hungary, but also at Batrovci and the Sid crossing towards Croatia.

Serbia Rejected More Asylum-Seekers in 2020: Report

A new report by a Serbian human rights lawyer published on Wednesday said that the country only accepted 27 per cent of 223 applications for asylum last year, fewer than in 2019.

"The first conclusion that can be drawn from these figures is that the number of total decisions has dropped by 28 per cent in comparison to 2019 and was the lowest in the past four years," the report said.

Jimmy Cobb, ‘Kind of Blue’ drummer for Miles Davis, dies

Jimmy Cobb, a percussionist and the last surviving member of Miles Davis' 1959 "Kind of Blue" groundbreaking jazz album which transformed the genre and sparked several careers, died on May 24.

His wife, Eleana Tee Cobb, announced on Facebook that her husband died at his New York City home from lung cancer. He was 91.