Veljko Belivuk

Dijana Hrkalović's appeal rejected

Criminal extra-trial Chamber of the Special Department of the High Court in Belgrade rejected the appeal of the defense attorneys of the former State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, Dijana Hrkalovi.
Her defense attorneys appealed for the pre-trial judge's decision to be changed and for her detention to be lifted, so that she could be released pending trial.

Serbian Former Police Official’s Arrest ‘Politically Motivated’ – Lawyer

The arrest last Friday in Serbia of Dijana Hrkalovic, a former state secretary at the Interior Ministry, who has been linked to a notorious crime gang, the "Janjicari", is politically motivated, and she is being used as a scapegoat, Sead Spahovic, her lawyer, told BIRN.

Serbian Mayor Will File Charges to Expose ‘Liars Targeting President’

The mayor of the northern Serbian city of Novi Sad, Milos Vucevic, a senior official in Serbia's ruling Serbian Progressive Party, SNS, will file an as yet unnamed criminal charge on Tuesday against President Aleksandar Vucic, the party announced on Monday - with a view to clearing the President's reputation and exposing the "mafia octopus" that the mayor says has Vucic in its sights.

Indictment filed against Belivuk, containing more than 300 pages

More than 322 pages of evidence and other charges have been sent to court for confirmation.
It should be recalled that they are currently accused of five murders, illegal possession and distribution of narcotics and weapons, kidnapping and rape.
The indictment covers 31 defendants, including witnesses - defendants.

Vučić: "We will destroy the drug gang, we will cut off the head of the mafia"

During the show, disturbing footage of the murder of Vlastimir Milosevic in March 27th Street in Belgrade at 6.50 a.m. was shown.
"This is a conflict between two clans, something that was imported to Serbia from Montenegro, this is a war between the Kavac and Skaljari clans," said Vucic.

Dusan Masic: "Accused can defend themselves by lying"

"It is time to remind ourselves again that the accused can defend themselves in all possible ways, including lying. That is how the system works. Everywhere," journalist Dusan Masic wrote.
Some portals published the alleged testimony of Veljko Belivuk, from the hearing, in which he spoke about his alleged relationship with the President of Serbia.