The trial of Belivuk's group continues

In the Special Court in Belgrade today, the trial of the members of the organized criminal group should be continued with the interrogation of the defendant-collaborator Srdjan Lali.
They are charged with seven murders, drug trafficking, illegal possession and carrying of weapons, kidnapping and rape in a confirmed indictment.
Lali has been questioned so far by Veljko Belivuk, Marko Miljkovi and several other defendants, while Milo Budimir began the questioning at the previous trial proceeding.
The defendant-collaborator talked about the murders of the indicted, but also about those who were not found on the indictment. He also revealed that this criminal group, together with the leader of the "Kava clan" Radoje Zvicer, planned riots in Belgrade and the assassination of Serbian President Aleksandar Vui.
Lali also revealed that the street rumors were that the lawyer Dragoslav Mia Ognjanovi was killed by Strahinja Stojanovi, who was later twice detonated by a bomb that was put under his car and the second time he died from sustained injuries. Miljkovi told Lali, as he claims, that if they arrest Belivuk, he will pay the migrants to blow themselves up in the shopping center. He also talked about drug trafficking, weapons, kidnappings, explaining how the group operated.
Lali, in addition to the murders in the indictment, also talked about the murders of Ljubomir Markovi Kia, Ljubomir Lainovi, Vlastimir Miloevi, Mirko Koji, Adis Spahi, Damir Hodzi, Aleksandar arac, Mile Radulovi "Captain", Mirko Koji, Milo Perunii, Igor Dedovi, Stevan Stamatovi and others. After Lali's testimony, the testimony of two other defendants-collaborators, Bojan Hrvatin and Nikola Spasojevi, will follow.
Lali agreed with the Prosecutor's Office for Organized...

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