At least 1 woman fell victim to femicide every day in 2022: Data

Violence against women continues to be a grave problem in Türkiye, as the number of femicides rose from 348 in 2021 to 381 last year, which means at least one woman fell victim to femicide every day last year alone, shows the data from the Federation of Women's Associations of Türkiye (TKDF).

Turks celebrate New Year with various events across country

Citizens in many parts of the country, especially in Istanbul, the capital Ankara and western province of İzmir, have welcomed the new year with various events, while a group of people in the southern province of Antalya celebrated the arrival of the new year by entering the sea at a temperature of 10 degrees.

Türkiye to witness meteor showers for three months

Following the solar eclipse that occurred yesterday, Türkiye will enter a three-month period of meteor showers, in which the skies will turn into a colorful feast zone, an expert has said.

"There are some rare events happening in space in some special periods and this is one of them," Hasan Ali Dal, an academic from Ege University, said.

AFAD volunteers draw pictures on village school’s walls

Türkiye's Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) volunteers have drawn cartoon characters on the walls of a village school in the eastern province of Erzurum.

Some 15 AFAD volunteers have worked for community service since the earthquakes which occurred in Erzurum in June 2020 and in November 2021.

İzmir’s old Jewish neighborhood to turn into museum

An old Jewish neighborhood in the western province of İzmir, where some nine synagogues exist, will convert into an open museum, says the project's coordinator.

"The region inside the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar will be a focus of interest of the city's faith and culture tourism," Nesim Bencoya, an expert from the İzmir Jewish Heritage Project, told Demirören News Agency on Oct. 18.

Seafront houses in İzmir rented for Tarkan concert

A frenzy has sparked following the announcement that Turkish pop icon Tarkan is coming for a concert in the western province of İzmir's Kordon, an iconic seafront promenade, as part of the 100th anniversary of the Liberation of İzmir on Sept. 9, with houses that have balconies being rented for up to $500 a night.

World’s oldest prophecy center operated till 8th century: Expert

New findings show that the ancient city of Claros, the world's oldest prophecy center located in the eastern province of İzmir, has been actively used more than known, until the end of the 8th century, an adviser for the excavation team has said.

Until today, Claros was known to be "abandoned with the beginning of the rise of Christianity."