Will Croatia send soldiers to the so-called Kosovo?

According to the proposal, up to 150 members of the Croatian Armed Forces and two helicopters of the Croatian Air Force should be sent to Kosovo and Metohija, HINA reported.
Currently, the 33rd Croatian contingent with 38 members of the CAF and two helicopters in the areas near Pristina, Ferizaj and at the Viladjio base not far from Peja is participating in KFOR operations.

Former EULEX Judge Wants to Reveal ‘Wrongdoings’ to Kosovo Assembly

A former chief judge for the EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, Malcolm Simmons, has asked to tell the Kosovo Assembly about the alleged wrongdoings he said he witnessed in his time in office, the head of Kosovo Parliamentary Commission on Legislation, Shkemb Manaj, told BIRN on Wednesday.

War Victims Urged to Raise Voices at Kosovo Guerrillas’ Trials

"The voices of the victims are indispensable to justice."

These were the words of the president of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, Ekaterina Trendafilova, when she called on victims of crimes allegedly committed by four former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas who have since become senior politicians to participate in their war crimes case at the Hague-based court.

Kosovo Deputy PM’s Missing Persons Comments Spark Protest

Igballe Rogova, a veteran human rights activist who is the director of the Kosovo Women's Network, staged a symbolic solo protest outside the government building in Pristina on Tuesday, accusing deputy prime minister Driton Selmanaj of showing disrespect to the people who went missing during the Kosovo war.

Prosecutors Warn Against Delay to Kosovo Guerrilla Leaders’ Trial

The Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor's Office on Monday urged the pre-trial judge in the case against Hashim Thaci and three other wartime Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas, all of whom are now senior politicians, that the start of the trial should not be subjected to delays until 2022 as the defence has requested.