US Urges Ukraine to Halt Strikes on Russian Oil Bases Amid Global Concerns

The United States has urged Ukraine to cease its attacks on Russia's energy infrastructure, citing concerns over potential repercussions on global oil prices and retaliatory actions. The call for restraint comes amidst reports of intensified drone strikes targeting refineries, terminals, and storage facilities in western Russia.

Shock in America: Nikki Haley reportedly to drop out of Republican presidential race

Haley plans to speak briefly to reporters in Charleston, South Carolina, around 10 a.m. local time, where she will announce the decision, according to the American newspaper.
The decision to end the campaign comes after former US President Donald Trump won the non-party elections in 14 out of 15 US federal states last night.

US to level more sanctions as Russia claims fresh gains in Ukraine

The United States plans to impose sanctions Friday on more than 500 targets involved in Russia's war in Ukraine, as Moscow claims fresh battlefield advances two years after its invasion.

Ukraine, grappling with hold-ups to much-needed Western military aid, has been pushed back from the front line in recent months.

The shift in sentiment from skepticism to mutual trust

Greek-American relations are experiencing a "golden age" right now, US analyst and senior fellow for national security and international policy at the Center for American Progress think tank Alan Makovsky told Kathimerini in Washington DC recently, sitting at a Foggy Bottom restaurant looking out at the University of Georgetown dorm named after Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Legitimate questions

Greek-American relations hinge and will always hinge on Turkey. Despite attempts to idealize the situation, the reality is that this connection is undeniable. In the latest example underscoring this truth, Washington purposely delayed approving Greece's request to purchase F-35 fighter jets until the completion of the F-16 deal with Turkey.