Russia Expels US Deputy Ambassador

Russia has expelled US Deputy Ambassador Bart Gorman, Russia Today reports. According to media sources, Washington is planning retaliation after Moscow expelled a senior US diplomat. According to TASS, citing a source from the US embassy in the Russian capital, Gorman was urged to leave the country immediately. It is unclear what motives Moscow has given for the expulsion.

More than 10 Countries have Advised their Citizens to Leave Ukraine

More than 10 countries have advised their citizens to leave Ukraine amid warnings of a possible Russian invasion.

Foreign embassies in Kyiv are working, but some countries are withdrawing some of their staff from diplomatic missions. The flags of the British Embassy are not visible, and various cars are leaving the building.

Biden has Announced a Date for a Possible Russian Invasion of Ukraine

US President Joe Biden held talks with Allied leaders yesterday. The participants in the conversation expressed concern over the accumulation of Russian troops around Ukraine and expressed a desire for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, Reuters reported, citing the White House.

Skanderbeg Portraits Over the Centuries Exhibited in Pristina

Through 65 works of European and Albanian artists painted over the centuries, the life and work of Skanderbeg are recreated and revealed.

The artists portrayed his figure using a variety of materials, from paper to polymarble. This exhibition also consists of manuscripts, maps, engravings, lithographs, paintings, sculptures, mosaics, coins, medals and postage stamps.

"We hope Russia doesn't play games"

"As you have heard from the Secretary of State, the National Security Adviser and others, we do not know if the Russians are playing diplomatic games, but we hope they are not playing. Our intention is to seriously move diplomacy forward so that its doors remain open and if the Russians are ready for that, they will move through diplomacy," said a White House spokeswoman.