Greek-Cypriot-Israeli Interconnector talks

A teleconference concerning Greece, Cyprus and Israel's electrical interconnection project was held on Tuesday by the three countries' power operators.

Participating in it were Greece's Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE), Cyprus' Transmission System Operator Cyprus (TSOC), and Israel's Independent System Operator (NOGA).

RES see their share expand

Net energy from renewables and large hydroelectrics in the first eight months of 2023 reached an all-time high of 16,683 gigawatt-hours, according to data from Greece's transmission system operator, ADMIE, processed by The Green Tank.

Demand for power expected to peak on Tuesday and Wednesday

Electricity demand in Greece is expected to hit a new record on Tuesday and Wednesday, putting fresh pressure on electricity rates and posing even greater challenges for the transmission and network system operators (ADMIE and DEDDIE), as the third heatwave finds infrastructure strained by temperatures which have remained higher than usual for the time of year for almost two weeks.

Concern over grid, not supply

The heatwave of the last few days generated upward trends in electricity rates, as demand skyrocketed mainly from households that resorted to the use of air conditioners to cool down.

In the week of July 10-16, electricity demand increased by 15% compared to the immediately preceding seven-day period and reached 1.2 terawatt-hours, with the hourly load increasing by 944 megawatts.