Afghanistan conflict

"Lion's Valley" fell

As "Russia Today" reports, "Lion's Valley" was the last stronghold of the forces that oppose the Taliban rule.
As a reminder, the media previously reported that Fahim Dashti, a spokesman for the National Resistance Front (NRF) of the Afghan northern province of Panjshir, which refused to recognize the Taliban government, was killed in armed conflicts, Kama Press reported.

Five Afghans who worked with EU arrive in Slovenia

Ljubljana – A group of five Afghans who worked with the EU delegation in the country has arrived in Slovenia along with their family members, the Foreign Ministry has confirmed for the STA. In all, 19 Afghans have thus arrived in Slovenia after withdrawing from the country in the wake of the Taliban taking over.

Aghans Apprehensive of Taliban Government, Women Dare Protesting


Afghans were still awaiting the formation of a new government on Friday, days after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US troops.

A Taliban spokesperson told AFP that no inauguration ceremony was planned until Saturday at the earliest, while previous announcements indicated that it could take place after Friday prayers.