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Vision versus farce

The photo of Boris Johnson putting his foot on a coffee table during talks in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron sparked controversy, even if the British prime minister did appear to be responding to a joke by his host.
Many British people took to social media to express their disapproval of Johnson's behavior, calling it "rude" and "shameful."

Beijing Introduces New Retaliatory Tariffs on about $75 Billion Worth of US Goods

China has announced new round of retaliatory tariffs on about billion worth of US goods. CNN reported.

As of next month, a 5% and 10% tariff for more than 5,000 types of items, including soybeans, coffee, whiskey, seafood and crude oil, will enter into force. The biggest increase - by 25 percent - will be taxed on imported US cars from December 15th.

Donald Trump Attacks Ford Motor which Refused to Back his Fuel Efficiency Rules

US President Donald Trump has attacked automakers who refused to back his administration's plan to roll back Obama-era fuel efficiency rules, CNBC reported.

Trump specifically mentioned Ford, which has negotiated with California-led Democrats, which has some of the most stringent requirements for low fuel consumption of future car models, Reuters reports.