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Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 182 Newly Infected, 20 Fatalities

Updated statistics on the spread of coronavirus in Bulgaria from the Single Information Portal:

Number of PCR and antigen tests made - 2,663

Newly infected in the country - 182

Percentage of positive tests - 6.8%

Total number of active cases - 19,375

Cured for the day - 60

Total number of cured - 193,251

Hospitalized - 3,126

Bid for resumption of normalcy on a razor’s edge as coming weeks crucial for curbing virus

With the coming weeks deemed as particularly critical given the Europe-wide snags in the supply of coronavirus vaccines, the government is walking a tightrope as it strives to safeguard public health while at the same time securing the conditions for even rudimentary social and economic activity.

Shock: The Briton, who first became infected and recovered from COVID-19, passed away

Conor Ellis Reed, a 26-year-old Chinese language student, is considered the first Briton to be infected with the coronavirus in November 2019 while living and working as a teacher at a school in Wuhan, China, British media write.
Although he recovered from COVID-19, in November 2020, friends found his lifeless body in a room on the Bangor University campus in Wales.

Bulgaria Covid 19: If Restrictive Measures Are Not Observed - New Wave in The End of The Month

The director of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev said today that if the measures are not observed - the gathering of people in malls and mocking wearing of masks continues,  a new wave at the end  of February could be expected.

EU toughens rules on entry for non-EU visitors

The European Union tightened its rules for visitors from outside the bloc on Monday, specifying that they would only be allowed in freely from countries with very few coronavirus cases and almost none of the more transmissible variants.

EU ambassadors agreed the new measure for travel from non-EU countries, including Britain, at a meeting in Brussels, an EU diplomat told Reuters.

"Relaxation of measures are being considered, but..." VIDEO

He stated that we are still far from reaching collective immunity.
"Despite the fact that more than 400.000 people have been vaccinated, we are still far from reaching collective immunity," Dr Kon told TV Prva.
As he said, currently the rate of collective immunity, which consists of those who have antibodies after getting infected with COVID-19, is around 30-40 percent.