Special report: How Balkan gangsters became Europe’s top cocaine suppliers

In 2018, convicted cocaine trafficker Slobodan Kostovski fled a Brazilian prison and made his way back to Europe with a fake passport.

The Serbian senior quickly fell into old habits, police allege. Last August, Kostovski was arrested in Belgrade, accused of shipping 2.7 metric tonnes of cocaine from Brazil aboard a 22-meter vessel apprehended near Spain's Canary Islands.

Coast Guard locates €2 million worth of cocaine

A lorry driver was arrested at the northwestern Greek port of Igoumenitsa after coast guard authorities seized more than 2 million euro worth of narcotics from his vehicle. 

According to the coast guard, a sniffer dog detected a concealed compartment containing 54 packages of cocaine weighing a total of 59 kg. 

Two Montenegrin Sailors Charged in Australia With Cocaine Smuggling

Packages of the cocaine seized by Australian police on the cargo ship St Pinot. Photo: Australian Federal Police.Photo: Australian Federal Police

Australian authorities reported that Pinot's captain, M. B., and its chief engineer, R.V., both from Montenegro, were charged with smuggling cocaine worth 375 million US dollars, believed to have come from South America.

Bosnian Warehouse Workers Find Huge Cocaine Stash in Banana Boxes

Bosnia's State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA on Monday confirmed the seizure of 124 kilograms of cocaine that was found in banana boxes in a warehouse in the town of Siroki Brijeg.

"I can confirm the seizure, the investigators have done their part of the job, but due to the ongoing investigation, I can't give more details," Jelena Miovcic, SIPA's spokeswoman, told BIRN.

Istanbul police bust over 650 kilograms of meth

Istanbul police's anti-narcotic unit has seized over 650 kilograms of methamphetamine in the latest operation, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has informed.

The teams busted 654 kilograms of crystal and liquid methamphetamine in the operation carried out in the Beykoz district, Soylu wrote in a social media post, congratulating the unit.