Atmospheric dynamics

Weather in Bulgaria on March 22: Contrasting Conditions Across The Country

Overnight, clear skies will dominate the western regions of the country, while the eastern areas will experience considerable cloud cover. Light precipitation, primarily in the form of rain, is expected in certain areas but is projected to cease by morning. In the eastern regions, a gentle northerly wind will prevail, while other areas will experience mostly calm conditions.

Weather In Bulgaria: The Last Day Of February Will Be Warm

Over the next 24 hours, we expect scattered cloudiness over most of the country, ranging from medium to high altitude. During the night, low clouds or fog will form in the valleys and plains, reducing visibility until noon. It will be calm during the night, while during the day, there will be light to moderate southeast winds and northeast winds in the Danubian Plain.

Weather In Bulgaria Over The Weekend: Warm With Varied Conditions Across The Country

As Bulgarians prepare for the upcoming weekend, a diverse range of weather conditions is forecasted to sweep across the country. From sunny spells to potential rain showers and snowfall, here's what you need to know about the weather outlook for February 24 and 25.

February 24: A Mix of Sun and Clouds

Weather In Bulgaria: Temperatures Continue To Rise

During the night, the cloudiness will be broken. After midnight, in some areas, mainly in the valleys and lowlands of Southern Bulgaria, fog will form. In Eastern Bulgaria, there will be a light southerly wind, while the rest of the country will experience mostly calm conditions. Minimum temperatures will range between 0°C and 5°C, around 2°C in Sofia.

Weather in Bulgaria: Windy with Rain in the Eastern Parts of the Country

Sunny weather will prevail in Western Bulgaria today. Over the eastern half of the country, the cloudiness will be more often significant, in places with very little rain. It will continue to blow moderately, in the southeastern regions - a temporarily strong northeast wind. The maximum temperatures will be between 24°C and 29°C, in Sofia - around 24°C.

The Weather in Bulgaria will be Sunny and Warm Today - 15-20°C

Atmospheric pressure is lower than the average for the month and will remain unchanged.

Today will be mostly sunny, with temporary increases in cloudiness. A light to moderate wind will blow from the west-southwest. The maximum temperatures will be between 15°C and 20°C, in Sofia - about 16°C.

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The heat wave that started about a month ago will extend and the unseasonable "summer" weather - with temperatures averaging 3 to 4 degrees above normal for the season - will last until the end of next week, with Epiphany expected to be sunny.

Weather in Bulgaria: Windy with Temperatures between 9°-14°C

Today the maximum temperatures will decrease slightly and will be between 9° and 14° Degrees, in Sofia - around 9°C. This was announced for FOCUS News Agency by the weather forecaster on duty Hristo Hristov from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.

Bulgarian Meteorology Institute Stopped its Protest, there will be Weather Forecasts