Atmospheric dynamics

Sunny Today, with Light to Moderate Northwest Wind

It will be sunny today, the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) reported. There will be light northwest wind; in eastern Bulgaria it will be moderate, blowing from the north.
Maximum temperatures between 2C and 7C, in Sofia - about 3C. Atmospheric pressure will be higher than the monthly average and will remain constant throughout the day.


Cold snap to persist into New Year

A man defies the chill and sits on a bench overlooking Faliro Bay on Athens' southern coast on Saturday. A cold weather front dubbed Zenobia after the 3rd century queen of Palmyra in Syria pushed temperatures down across Greece over the weekend and brought powerful storms, gale-force winds and snow to many parts of the country.

Weather Forecast: Mostly Cloudy with Moderate Wind

It will be mostly cloudy today, foggy in the plains, with light rain in some places in the south and west. Clouds will temporarily break in the northeast areas, at the end of the day in the southwestern, as well. A moderate wind will start blowing from the southeast. The maximum temperatures will be mostly between 15C and 20C.

Mostly Sunny and Warm Today

It will be mostly sunny and warm today for this time of the year, Hristo Hristov of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) told Focus News Agency. There will light wind from the south quarter. The maximum temperatures will reach 27C to 32C, in Sofia - around 27C.