The Serbian Philanthropy Forum and B92 Fund greatly contributed in fighting COVID-19

Along with the engagement of the membership and the entire philanthropic community since March 2020, in cooperation with B92 Fund, the amount close to 190 million dinars have been raised, as well as over 10 million dinars in goods, to support the health care system of the Republic of Serbia.

TV B92 LIVE: I think that we owe it to Toplica region, as it bore the greatest burden

As announced by the Media service of the President of the Republic, the tour started at around 11 am, and you can watch the broadcast on TV B92 and B92.net portal.
He pointed out that this facility will have four surgical rooms, and that there will be about 800 employees.

424 new cases in Serbia, a total of 4.054 people tested positive

In the last 24 hours, 2.646 people were tested, while a total of 20.958 people were tested.
2.890 have been hospitalized, while 138 patients are on the respirator, provincial secretary of health prof. Zoran Gojkovic said.
Five more died, three men two women, average age 76 years. A total of 85 people died, with a mortality rate of 2.1 percent.

In Serbia, 27 newly infected coronavirus patients, a total of 249

That's a total of 249 confirmed so far in our country.
From the last report to 3 pm on March 23, 2020, samples were tested of 61 individuals, 27 of which were positive and 34 negative for the new coronavirus.
Of the 27 confirmed cases since the last report, 19 have been hospitalized, of a stable general condition, while 8 have a lighter clinical picture and are at home.

Restart: O2.TV becomes B92

The new, modern graphic design and television logo will accompany a refreshed programming concept - contemporary - diverse, for everyone's taste and for every age.
On this occasion, the creative team of the television has designed an interesting campaign that has attracted a lot of public attention over the past few days.

The best bid for Komercijalna banka selected

According to B92, some media reported that the NLB bid was € 450 million, which is a false information.
Apparently the NLB came up with an offer that allowed the Slovenes to overtake the other two bidders - Raiffeisen and AIK Bank. B92 confirmed that the negotiation process is completed and that the contract is expected to be signed.