Long queues in front of the "Arena" five days before the match with Real Madrid VIDEO

Tickets for the first match in Belgrade, which is scheduled for May 2, have gone on sale, and there has been great interest in them since the start.
In front of the "Stark Arena" long queues were formed in the morning hours, so it is already clear that a packed hall will welcome the Spanish team.

Vučić in Raška district: "Only in peace, respect and understanding, we can progress"

President of Serbia visited Novi Pazar, where he attended the marking of the start of works on the reconstruction and extension of the "Novi Pazar" General Hospital.
Vui will then visit the rural tourist farm "Toplina due" in the village of Pavlica.
An address to the citizens of Kraljevo is scheduled at 6 p.m.

New attack by Albanians: Serbian young man stabbed in Kosovo PHOTO

"A 20-year-old young man, uzi Boban, was stabbed in the shoulder by two Albanians in the village of Mogila, municipality of Vitina," Vui said.
Vui said that he expects that our Western partners will react "to appease the two sides".
Vui said that this is the result of the hatred that Albin Kurti's regime and its media promote against Serbs.

Foto: B92

Djokovic vs Australia

As reported by B92.net reporter from Melbourne, Milan Tomi, there is a huge crowd in front of "Rod Laver Arena" ahead of Djokovic's match.
The stands from the daytime "session" are emptying, and soon fans with tickets for the "night session" will enter.
In a huge crowd, numerous Serbian flags stand out.

Novak still awaits his match - and it's not starting yet

The biggest "culprits" for that are Matteo Berrettini and Andy Marrey who played the match in five sets and it ended in a super-tiebreak after the results 2:2 and 6:6.
Then Tamara Zidanek and Ons Jabeur suddenly "entered" the night program and fought a big battle in the first set, also decided in a long 13th game.

Copernicus Group: We never claimed €38 million from SBB; prove it or lawsuit follows

We invite the United group, but also eljko Mitrovi, who repeated it on several occasions and even wrote in the notice about the removal of Prva TV and B92 from their cable network, using the Goebbels principle, that a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth, to prove their claims and show the paper, message, e-mail, or any other recorded oral statement.

The case of SBB: "Users have the right to terminate the contract" VIDEO

After SBB's decision to remove Prva, B92 and Happy TV programs from its offer, we were flooded with messages from viewers asking for an explanation on how to terminate the contract.
They don't understand why they have to keep paying the same price, while they won't be able to watch the programs they used to.