Vučić on United Group's decision: "Scandalous"

President Aleksandar Vui said that as far as he is personally concerned, that decision is "scandalous".
"I think I understand why they're doing it. They're doing it to kick out Prva, then B92. I think they want to kick out Happy, too. I don't know which broadcasters will remain on air on that cable channel. They're doing it to artificially boost Nova S and N1's ratings.

"Due to less than RSD 300, users of SBB deprived of national channels"

"Regarding the allegation that SBB will remove Prva and B92 from its offer due to false information that we are asking for 38 million euros, we emphasize that this is absolutely untrue. We have never made such a request, neither in writing nor verbally," the Copernicus Group's press release states.

Serbia won the SuperCup!

Serbian national basketball team won the SuperCup in Hamburg, defeating Germany in the final.
The "Eagles" controlled the match against the hosts from the first to the last minute and, led by the best player, Nikola Joki, achieved victory.
Joki finished the match with 22 points (10/11 from the field), five rebounds and one assist and a steal each.

Vučić in "Prva tema" tonight from 9 p.m. on TV Prva

In the show, Vui will discuss all current topics: To whom will he give the mandate for the composition of the Government? Will Serbia impose sanctions on Russia? What awaits him at the meeting with Kurti in Brussels? What is Pristina preparing for since September? What did he do to anger the Croats? To what extent will Serbia be affected by the tsunami of the world economic crisis?

B92.net: 300 workers of "Fiat" blocked highway, refusing to talk to Prime Minister

As B92.net has learned, the workers rejected the Prime Minister's proposal to come to the Serbian Government for talks today at 4.30 p.m.
First, they asked for a severance pay of 1.000 euros per year, and today they are asking for 2.000 per year, which is 10 times more than other workers in Serbia receive.