Almost 600 Plant Species Have Disappeared from the Wild over the Past 250 Years

Almost 600 plant species have disappeared from the wild over the past 250 years. This shows a new study quoted by the BBC. The number of lost plants is based on genuinely extinct species, not assumptions, and is twice as large as all bird species, mammals and fish taken together.

Scientists say the plants are dying up to 500 times faster than what would be expected naturally.

Turkey launches first anthropology DNA laboratory

Turkey has launched its first "ancient DNA laboratory" which will conduct scientific research on mummified remains of Anatolian civilizations dating back 10,000-15,000 years.
The molecular anthropology laboratory at Hacettepe University (HU) in Turkey's capital Ankara will examine hereditary and bacterial diseases of ancient humans and animals.

Bulgarian Environment Minister: Proposed Changes to Biodiversity Law Concern Natura 2000 Network

The amendments to the Biodiversity Act are in connection with the Natura 2000 network, Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov said during the presentation of the draft, Focus News Agency reports. After more than three years of preparation and discussion, the bill aims to find a balance between various interests, he said.

Certain Type of Birds in Europe Decrease Alarmingly

The number of insect-eating birds, such as beetles and caterpillars, has declined significantly in Europe over the past 25 years, according to a German study.
A 13% reduction in the number of insect-eating birds in Europe between 1990 and 2015 was registered.
The decline reflects a trend associated with a decline in the insect population.

Regional Cooperation is the Key to Finding the Wartime Missing

In the last 20 years, governments in the Western Balkans have been able to account for more than 70 per cent of the 40,000 people who were missing at the end of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. Almost 28,000 have been accounted for, which is an unprecedented achievement following a large-scale conflict anywhere in the world.