President furious with Europe re: omicron; "Virus had not originated in our country"

Just to recall, South Africa reported to the WHO that a new strain of coronavirus has been identified, which experts assumed could be the worst so far. An emergency session of the WHO was convened, which finally announced today the predictions about the consequences that this strain could have on the previous pandemic.

Bulgarian Prof. Argirova: Omicron Spreads about 3 Times Faster

The new strain of COVID-19 - Omicron, spreads about 3 times faster than the previous ones. This is shown by the latest data received from South Africa tonight, said in the program "Wake up" Prof. Radka Argirova, a member of the expert council of the Minister of Health. According to her, mostly young people and unvaccinated people are affected.

Emergency WHO Meeting over New Coronavirus Variant found in South Africa

The World Health Organization is convening extraordinary meetings today in connection with the newly discovered variant of the coronavirus in South Africa and Botswana, which was announced yesterday. It has about 32 mutations and scientists warn that this makes it very dangerous. It has been found that the variant is spread mostly among young people.