UN chief intends to invite Cyprus rivals to meet soon

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says he intends to invite the rival leaders on Cyprus to an informal meeting "as soon as practicable," but he warns that this meeting must be different and help clarify "the true extent" of their common vision "and outline steps necessary to chart a way forward."

First EU recovery fund transfers expected before end of June

Ljubljana – Slovenian Finance Minister Andrej Šircelj expects that the first transfers from the EU’s recovery fund will be made during Portugal’s EU presidency in the first half of this year, as member states including Slovenia are rushing to ratify the legal basis and draw up national recovery plans.

Last head of imperial House of Osman dies at 88

The last surviving head of the House of Osman, the royal dynasty that once ruled the Ottoman Empire- which ruled vast territories for six centuries, before it was replaced by the Turkish Republic- has died at age 88 in Syria.

Prince Dündar Abdulkerim Osmanoğlu lost his life at a hospital on Jan. 18 in the Syrian capital Damascus, where he had been receiving treatment.

Guatemalan security forces break up US-bound migrant caravan

Guatemalan security forces on Jan. 18 broke up a caravan of about 4,000 Honduran migrants trying to reach the United States on a journey of thousands of kilometers through Central America on foot, AFP reporters witnessed.

Police advanced on the group in a coordinated move, striking batons against their shields to make an intimidating noise, prompting the migrants to scatter.