Croatia's message to Serbia: We will not allow this

"Croatia does not accept that the Serbian prosecutor's office raises indictments against non-Serb citizens living on the territory outside of Serbia," said Andrej Plenkovic last night, as Hina reported.
He expressed an opinion that "Serbia, which was an aggressor on Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, now acts as "prosecutor's office or court" and said that "it will not pass".

Serbian Academics Denounce Croatian Counterparts’ “Inflammatory” Demands

Serbia's Academy of Sciences and Arts, SANU, has dismissed as an "inflammatory political pamphlet" a paper drafted by its Croatian counterpart setting out the demands it says Zagreb should make as part of the negotiation process on the European Union accession of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

European Court Orders Croatia to Compensate Daughters of Killed Serb

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled on Thursday that Croatia must pay 5,000 euros in compensation because five Serb women whose father was killed during the Croatian Army's Operation Storm in 1995 were unlawfuly made to pay court costs in a civil case they launched against the state in the domestic courts.

Petrol looking to become leading fuel retailer in Croatia

Zagreb – Nada Drobne Popović, the CEO of energy group Petrol, has told the Croatian newspaper Večernji List that, following last year’s takeover of Crodux, Petrol aims to become the leading provider of motor fuels in the Croatian market. She projects that sales in Croatia will exceed those in Slovenia by 2025.