Cyrillic script

May 24 - Bulgaria Celebrates National Day of Culture and Slavic Script


Bulgaria celebrates May 24 as the day of the Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavic Script, the official Day of Holy Brothers St. Cyril and St. Methodius - the Byzantine scholars who wrote the first Slavic alphabet in 855 A.D., and translated into Old Bulgarian the Bible and the religious literature of Orthodox Christianity.

The Cyrillic Yard in Bulgaria

Around 15 new monuments this year will become part of the writer's alley in the Pliska Cyrillic Yard. This was reported in an interview by Darik with Karen Aleksanian, who set up the complex four years ago. Almost 40 busts of artists from different countries who have written in the Cyrillic alphabet.


Bulgarian President Radev Welcomed the Pope

The holy father was welcomed  by the head of state and politicians, reported NOVA TV. 
President Rumen Radev welcomed Pope Francis in front of the building of the presidency. This is the first stop of the Holy Father in Sofia.

The head of state thanked the head of the Catholic Church for having accepted the invitation to visit Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Ombudsman Organizes Free Medical Examinations For Socially Disadvantaged People

Free prophylactic medical examinations for socially disadvantaged people will be held in the tent of the social kitchen  in the courtyard of Sofia's St. Cyril and Methodius Church.

From 11 o'clock today doctors from several hospitals in Sofia will carry out prophylactic examinations free of charge for people in need.