Bulgaria: Danube Bridge Congested with 10-km Long Line of TIR Trucks

A 10-kilometer long line of TIR trucks formed last night at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint at Ruse.

The processing of the documents has not been interrupted and according to the border authorities the reason for the traffic jam is that carriers are rushing to deliver their goods to Western Europe before the Catholic Easter.

"The night when Djole swam across the Danube": Thousands bid farewell to Balasevic

There were thousands of people on the Rainbow Bridge, and boats with torches lit up the river.
Symbolically, with lanterns soaring into the sky, and with rosemary, along with Balaevi's songs accompanied by a choir of Serbian National Theater and the last greeting from the Danube boats, Novi Sad paid tribute to its Pannonian Sailor.

Regulations for navigators, rules for farmers crossing into Bulgaria in the making

Interior Minister Marcel Vela said on Sunday evening at the Nadlac I border crossing point that regulations should be worked out for navigators carrying goods and having to leave Romania, much as the regulations for truck drivers, and at the border with Bulgaria transit by farmers in the two countries should be allowed, as is the case at the border with Hungary.

10 km Long Queue of Trucks at the Danube Bridge Border Checkpoint

Huge columns of heavy trucks are waiting for hours at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint near Ruse.

The queue is over 10 km and reaches the neighbouring town of Marten. The reason is a failure in the customs system for measuring trucks.

Most of the trucks wait over half a day.

The Bulgarian Premiere of SOMEONE FROM HOME Will Take Place on September 15 at the Kino Cabana

"Someone from home" raises the question of belonging; he or she also has the opportunity to burst expectations. Through the study of cultural heritage, tradition and history, this question, this possibility, enters into the final performances of "Someone from home" in Austria, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

300 military sailors from Romania, Ukraine participate in Riverine 2019 exercise on the Danube

Approximately 300 military sailors from Ukraine and Romania will participate, starting Tuesday, in the bilateral exercise titled Riverine 2019, on the Danube, between Izmail, the Chilia arm of the Danube and Tulcea, a release remitted on Monday to AGERPRES by the General Staff of the Naval Forces (SMFN) says.