Intensive Traffic at the Border with Romania

Intensive traffic on the border checkpoints towards Romania. According to data from the Border Police, the traffic at Danube Bridge - Vidin border checkpoint is intensive for trucks.

Cars are passing slower on the Danube Bridge - Ruse. At the other border checkpoints the traffic is normal. Intensive traffic was also reported at Kalotina border checkpoint.

Aerial Mosquito Spraying along Danube to Start on 12 July from Kozloduy

On 12 July 2019, a disinsection campaign along the Danube will be launched, said the press office of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. The affected areas along the entire Danube will be treated through aerial spraying of insecticides. The first mosquito spraying will take place in Kozloduy Municipality.

The Spraying against Mosquitoes along the Danube River Starts on July 12th from Kozloduy

On Friday, July 12, 2019, a disinsection campaign began along the Danube. Destruction of insects will take place through insecticidal treatment of affected areas along the entire Danube River. The first mosquito spraying will be implemented on the territory of Kozloduy Municipality.

Romania has lowest tourism taxation in EU, Tourism minister says

Romania has the lowest tourism taxation in the European Union, 5 percent VAT, and this fact has generated steady increases in the number of tourists in the country, according to the relevant minister, Bogdan Trif. "We have the lowest EU tourism taxation, the lowest taxes in the EU, 5 percent VAT.

The Disinsection Campaign along the Danube Starts Today

Disinsection campaign along the Danube starts today. The destruction of the insects will take place through the ubiquitous spraying of the affected areas along the whole Danube River. The campaign will be carried out by aviation treatment aimed at the mass destruction of mosquitoes and the prevention of the spread of human and animal diseases in these risky regions.

WWF Bulgaria has Released over 20,000 Sturgeons in the Danube

More than 20,000 three month old fish from the critically endangered species of Russian sturgeon took their way from Belene through the Danube delta to the Black Sea, the organization said. The Russian sturgeon is among the last four sturgeon species that are still found in the Danube.