Economy of Iran

Greece ‘monitoring closely’ Iranian tanker, FM sources say

Greece's Foreign Ministry is "monitoring closely" developments concerning the Iranian tanker and "is in contact, through diplomatic channels, with the US," according to diplomatic sources cited by state-run news agency ANA-MPA on Tuesday.

The same sources said the US's view on the issue is well-known and concern all states and ports in the Mediterranean.

The Iranian Tanker Grace 1 Left Gibraltar

Gibraltar has rejected a request by the United States to retain the oil-filled Iranian tanker Grace 1. So the ship was released to sail. He raised the Iranian flag, changed his name, and left Gibraltar. On Thursday, a court on British territory ruled that the ship should be released after commandos seized it in early July, leading to an international scandal.

The Council of Ministers Proposes Political Party Subsidies For a Vote to be BGN 11

The total amount of the state subsidy for political parties and coalitions for one year will be reduced by BGN 6.5 million, reported NOVA TV. 

By its decision, the Council of Ministers approved a draft Law on Amendments to the Political Parties Act. This is reported by the government's press service.