Armed robber holds up foreign cash exchange 

Police on Thursday was searching for a man who robbed a foreign currency exchange in western Athens on Wednesday, removing thousands in different currencies.

The suspect, who had covered his features, entered the store at around 7 p.m., pretending to be an employee of a courier company. He then pulled a pistol and pointed it at the teller demanding money.

ATHEX: Bourse stems outflow of stock cash

The Greek bourse appears to have stemmed the outflow of funds seen at the start of the week and is preparing for its next move upward, after another session - on Wednesday - where blue chips rebounded, with the exception of banks. Reports by foreign firms, such as that by Jefferies, indicate that there is more to come from where the January and February momentum came from.

Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence

Cryptocurrency has generated consistent, and sometimes shocking returns over the past year. Since the first cryptocurrency emerged back in 2009; there has been rapid growth of the digital asset and we have seen the emergence of numerous other cryptocurrencies. There are over four thousand cryptocurrencies today, and more are being created constantly.

Poor countries call for debt revolution at UN summit

Torn down by growing debt and a barrage of crises, leaders of the world's poorest countries have stepped up calls for the rules governing handouts of billions of dollars to be rewritten.

Western nations gave out more than $185 billion in grants and cheap loans in 2021, according to the OECD. Official development assistance is one of the pillars of the international financial system.