Former Energy Minister: Bulgaria turned from an Exporter to an Importer of Electricity

"The order to increase the price of electricity is a reflection of everything that has been happening during the last 10 months of the caretaker government". This opinion was expressed by former energy minister Alexander Nikolov on the National Television.

Greek tax authority enhances efforts against tax evasion with new digital app

Greece's Independent Authority for Public Revenue, known as AADE, is gearing up to intensify its efforts against tax evasion this summer with the introduction of a new digital tool called "ELEGXOSLive." The aim is to enhance tax compliance in Greek islands and other tourist areas.

Households spend most on food, shows survey

The share of food and non-alcoholic beverages in households' overall expenditure was 22.8 percent, followed by housing and rent at 22.4 percent last year, a survey by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) has shown.

Transport expenditure was the third largest expenditure item, with a share of 21.3 percent, according to TÜİK's Household Budget Survey.

Transparency and competition

Even if a reduction of value-added tax is not the solution, the continuation of high food prices is a problem that is taking a toll on society.

The Greek market suffered from a lack of transparency and healthy competition even before the current inflation crisis began, and while some efforts were made to deal with these problems, they were obviously not enough.