Roman Furnace Almost 1,500 Years Old Unearthed in Bulgaria


A Roman furnace almost 1,500 years old was discovered during excavation works at a construction site in the town of  Silistra. According to archaeologists, this is the largest furnace for construction ceramics from the Roman era, discovered in Bulgaria, correspondent of BGNES for the region reports.

ATHEX: Fresh gains for bourse

The Greek bourse benchmark advanced for a 10th consecutive session on Thursday, a streak unseen in almost four years, as stocks are now extending November's momentum into December. The index recorded a new ninth-month high - and without the help of bank stocks this time.

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index ended at 766.82 points, adding 0.97% to Wednesday's 759.47 points.

How Pension Payments Will Change for 150,000 Bulgarians

154,000 pensioners with smaller pensions because of insurance payed to a private pension fund will be able to ask the National Insurance Institute to recalculate their pensions next year, provided they transfer their money for a second pension to state insurance institution. However, only one-third of people will benefit from it, for the rest the pension received will not be higher.

This is the list that the Government adopts today, followed by the lockdown

One of them will be that catering facilities and facilities of service activities can only work until 5 pm on weekdays, while they will not work at all for the weekends. After being adopted by the government, the measures will take effect on Friday.
The new measures, which the government will adopt today, are:

A truly contactless delivery company

Svuum, a Greek startup whose onomatopoeic name is the noise made as a motor vehicle speeds up, since May 2019 has focused on becoming a super-advanced courier company. Although it was founded last year, it was the start of the pandemic that saw the company become really active in the courier sector, enjoying a major increase in orders.