Scores of violations by fuel stations

The inflow-outflow monitoring systems at fuel stations show that about one in three enterprises inspected in the sector have broken the law.

Of the 546 gasoline stations that the tax administration inspected in 2018, 181 had committed some form of violation, as indicated by the inflow-outflow system and the processing of additional data.

Police probe attemped ATM theft at Sounio ancient site

Police in southeastern Attica on Monday were investigating the attempted theft of an ATM bank machine at the site of the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio in the early hours of the morning.

The would-be robbers violated the entrance gate before breaking into the canteen on the site where the ATM is located. Badalau:We are trying to analyse the single market, find solutions for its development

AGERPRES special correspondent Loredana Ciobanu reports: The Competitiveness Council, which is taking place on Monday in Brussels will tackle aspects related to the single market, in view of finding solutions for its development, Economy Minister Niculae Badalau said.