More early IMF loan payments

The Public Debt Management Agency is targeting more early loan repayments to the International Monetary Fund next year if the interest cost makes financial sense and the country's creditors agree, Kathimerini understands. Its loan strategy for 2020 also includes a significant reduction of treasury bills.

Draft bill foresees incentives for investors, stock options

Apart from the reduction of the corporate income tax from 28 to 24 percent and the halving of the tax on dividends from 10 to 5 percent, the government's draft tax bill includes a number of other incentives aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship, attracting highly skilled workers in Greece and bolstering investment activity to accelerate growth.

Editorial: Plethora of bank advisors, squandering, and favours

Everyone can understand the difficulties that Greek banks face in managing the jumble of problems they inherited from the long-term economic crisis.

One can also understand the problems that the management of banks face today as they operate in an environment of limited capital, a lack of revenues, and low profitability.

HSBC places ‘overweight’ tag on Athens Exchange

Despite the strong rally by Greek stocks since the start of the year, HSBC estimates the Athens Exchange still has great potential to climb further. On Tuesday the British bank upgraded its recommendation for the local market from neutral to overweight, stressing that Greece's macroeconomic prospects have improved considerably after the elections, with a positive impact on stocks.