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Dnevnik says EU opted for the lesser evil in decision on Poland

Ljubljana – The European political map was divided along the familiar lines this week on the issue of the rule of law and other issues, Dnevnik says. Only the extreme right in the EU Parliament and Viktor Orban – partly also Janez Janša – showed understanding as Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki “roared against Brussels institutions and the EU law”.

The 48 hours of the Lenders with the Greek Government – What happened

Negotiations between Institutions and Greece came to an end. In view of the 12th assessment of the Greek economy, which is under strict supervision, the European institutions and the Greek governement discussed every single issue, focusing mainly on the financial issues, the public debts to individuals, the auctions and the bankruptcy law.

The Eurogroup verdict

Albania, North Macedonia Ready for EU Accession Talks: European Commission

The European Commission's annual progress reports for six Western Balkan countries who hope to become EU members - plus Turkey - were published on Tuesday, assessing their achievements and shortcomings noted during the period between June 2020 and June 2021.

North Macedonia 'makes progress in key areas'

BIRN Fact-Check: What the Polish Constitutional Tribunal Ruling Means in Practice

Like all 27 EU member states, Poland accepted the supremacy of EU Treaties when it joined back in 2004. Those basic tenets have not changed since. What did change, however, is that, of late, rulings handed down by the CJEU have begun interfering with the Polish government's takeover of the judiciary - a process which has been happening since 2015.