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Anger Over EU's Gesture of Solidarity with Iran Following Raisi's Death

Condolences and an offer of assistance from the EU to locate the helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi have stirred widespread anger, as reported by Politico. European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic announced in a message that the EU had activated the Copernicus Earth observation system to aid in the search for the aircraft.

EU Population Trends: Bulgaria Sees Largest Decrease

As of January 1, 2023, the European Union (EU) has a population of 448.8 million people. Germany is the most populous EU country, with 84.4 million residents (19% of the EU total), followed by France (68.2 million, 15%), Italy (59.0 million, 13%), Spain (48.1 million, 11%), and Poland (36.8 million, 8%).

European Parliament elections: Mirror and distorted image

The performance by the last batch of Greek members of the European Parliament was not a success, by any measure. The only profit from yet another lost opportunity would be if our party leaders had learned something from this and chose their candidate MEPs with an eye to their benefiting our country by contributing actively to the European Union's evolution.

Hungary urges EU to emulate Georgia's ‘Russian bill’

Hungary would encourage other European Union members to adopt laws similar to Georgia's highly contested "foreign influence" law, a senior official of the Central European country said on May 17.

The bill's adoption has prompted unprecedented protests in Tbilisi and a blizzard of international condemnation, including from the EU.

Open letter before European Parliament election: Prioritize democracy as authoritarianism grows

Nearly 300 signatories have signed an open 10-point letter before next month's European Parliament election, saying lawmakers should be putting democracy at the top of their agenda in an increasingly authoritarian world.

Greece ranks 5th in EU in discrimination against LGBTIQ people, survey finds 

A vast survey by an EU rights body has found that 44% of LGBTIQ people in Greece have faced discrimination in at least one area of their life in the year before the survey. 

Although the figure is the 5th highest in the EU, it has decreased since the previous EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) survey in 2019, where 51% of respondents in Greece had faced discrimination. 

Majority of Young Bulgarians Express Intent to Vote in European Elections

According to data from a Eurobarometer survey cited by the media, a majority of young Bulgarians (54 percent) indicate their intention to participate in the upcoming European Parliament elections scheduled for June 9. This figure contrasts with the EU average, where 64 percent of eligible young voters express their willingness to engage in the electoral process.