Letter-bomb suspect caught clearing weapons, explosives from safe house

A 29-year-old man who was arrested in the early hours of Saturday in central Athens on suspicion of having sent the letter bombs that injured former premier Lucas Papademos in May and an employee at the International Monetary Fund's office in Paris in March, was allegedly in the process of clearing guns and explosives from a safe house.

Las Vegas Gunman Stockpiled Weapons Over Decades, Planned Attack

The Las Vegas gunman who killed 58 people and himself in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history stockpiled weapons and ammunition over decades, and meticulously planned the attack, authorities believe, Reuters reported.

But what led Stephen Paddock, 64, to unleash the carnage he did remains largely a mystery.

Shell Bombs were Found in the Yard of Tokuda Hospital in Sofia

The police cleared the yard of the Tokuda metropolitan hospital in order to securely disarm bomb shells, BNT reported on Monday.

According to the preliminary information, two old projectiles were found. The ammunition was found during a repair in the courtyard of the hospital. There are no evacuated people at this stage either from the hospital or the surrounding buildings.

Manchester Arena explosion: Children Among 22 Killed by Suicide Bomber After Ariana Grande Concert

A suicide bomber has killed 22 people - including children - in an explosion that tore through fans leaving an Ariana Grand pop concert in Manchester, according to the Telegraph.

At least 59 people were also injured when the blast caused by an improvised explosive device carried by the attacker detonated at the Manchester Arena after the performance on Monday night.

Ammunition depot blast in Kragujevac kills 1 person; 3 missing, 25 injured

An explosion occurred on Tuesday afternoon in the A28 ammunition depot of the Tehnicki Remontni Zavod in Kragujevac, central Serbia, that killed one person.

The Ministry of Defense announced this on Tuesday evening, adding that three more persons are listed as missing, while 25 members of the Serbian Army (VS) and the Interior Ministry (MUP) have been injured.

1945 nukes vs. modern warheads: How they compare (infographic)

It is 71 years since the US dropped an atomic bomb named “Little Boy” on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later, Nagasaki was also the target of an atomic bomb named “Fat Man”. These remain the only wartime nuclear attacks in history. How do those two weapons compare to the most powerful warheads in the world today? Read more in one of Statista’s recent independent features.

Officers accused of letting criminals use army ranges, arms

The Military Trade Union has filed criminal complaints against a brigadier general and a lieutenant colonel, named with their initials as V.Z. and N.D.

The pair are accused of abusing their official position to allow persons from "the criminogenic environment" to use army's shooting ranges and ammunition.