Gaza Strip

Fire balloons with the message: Time is running out, followed by the exchange of fire

According to the sources of the radio station, the positions of the groups connected with the Palestinian resistance units near the cities of Khan Yunis and Gaza were shot at, and there is still no information about the victims or damage, TASS reported.
Palestinian groups returned fire on Israeli planes, Sawt al-Aqsa added.

It's happening again PHOTO / VIDEO

This is the second violation of the otherwise fragile truce reached on May 21, after 11 days of fierce clashes between Israeli and Palestinian forces.
And this attack, as it was announced from the Israeli side, followed after the new "balloon bombs" launched from the Palestinian side causing eight fires in the south of Israel.

Israel carries out airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes early on June 16 on positions in the Gaza Strip belonging to the Palestinian resistance group Hamas. 

The Israeli army said in a statement that it targeted Hamas compounds, including in the al-Yarmouk area east of Khan Younis city.

It also bombed a position in the Zeitoun neighborhood.

"ALERT, ALERT"; "This is not a sunset but a bomb" PHOTO / VIDEO

The Israeli side claims that the attacks are a response to flammable balloons, better known as "balloon bombs", launched from Palestinian territory, the BBC reports, adding that the initial trigger for the bombing was a gathering of Jewish ultra-rightists allowed by the new Israeli government.

Israel Carries Out Strikes on Gaza after Fire Balloons Hit Its Territory

Israel says it has carried out air strikes against Hamas militant targets in Gaza, in retaliation for incendiary balloons launched from the territory.

Explosions were heard in Gaza City in the early hours of Wednesday.

Several balloons were sent from Gaza into Israel earlier on Tuesday causing multiple fires, according to the Israeli fire service.