Bulgaria's Socialists to Be Fierce Opposition in Parliament - BSP Chair

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will vote against the new center-right government on Friday, the party's head Mihail Mikov said in Parliament.

His comments came ahead of the lawmakers' move to vote on the cabinet lineup announced the previous day by Prime Minister candidate and conservative GERB's leader Boyko Borisov. 


Rumyana Bachvarova, Deputy PM for Coalition Policy (GERB)

Rumyana Bachvarova will be deputy prime minister in charge of coalition policy and state administration in the coalition government led by Boyko Borisov that was unveiled on Thursday.

She was member of GERB's team of negotiators who held talks over forging a coalition government with other parties represented in Parliament following inconclusive October 5 early elections.

Parliament To Vote On New Government

Bulgaria's National Assembly will vote on the new government formed by the two centre-right parties GERB and the Reformist Bloc (RB), plus one minister from leftist ABV.

Prime Minister would be GERB leader Boyko Borisov, who, if elected, would be the first in Bulgaria's most recent history to hold the position twice.

ABV To Support GERB-RB Governance Programme, Gets Deputy PM Post

ABV, the leftist party of former President Georgi Parvanov will support the governance programme of GERB and the Reformist Bloc (RB), said deputy ABV leader Ivaylo Kalfin at a news conference.

According to Paranov, Kalfin would get a post as deputy Prime Minister and minister of social policy in the new government of Bulgaria.