Greek mythology

Le Danaidi | Epidaurus | August 2-3

Director Natasha Triantafylli presents "Le Danaidi," a 17th-century tragedy by Andreas Kalvos, at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus on August 2 and 3. Based on the myth of the Danaids, "Le Danaidi" tells the story of Danaus, King of Libya, who marries off his 50 daughters to the 50 sons of the king of Egypt.

Electra/Orestes | Epidaurus | July 26-27

Belgian director Ivo van Hove, known for his avant-garde dramatizations, draws upon two Euripides texts, "Orestes" and "Electra," to tell the tale of a brother and sister united in their resentment of their mother, Clytemnestra. In collaboration with the Comedie-Francaise, van Hove is bringing the production to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus for the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

The Suppliants | Epidaurus | July 5-6

The Greek National Theater and the Cyprus Theater Organization join forces in a production of Euripides' tragedy "The Suppliants," with a new translation by Giorgos Koropoulis, at the Epidaurus Ancient Theater on July 5 and 6. First performed in 423 BC, "The Suppliants" tells the tale of a group of dead soldiers and the mothers who beg the Athenian King Theseus to properly bury them.