Greenhouse gas emissions by Turkey

Int'l financial bodies boost growth forecasts for Turkey

Despite pandemic-driven bottlenecks in the global supply chain, Turkey's rapid economic recovery, its progress in vaccinating its population against COVID-19, and its strong industrial production trends have resulted in international organizations revising their 2021 growth forecasts for the country.

EU welcomes Turkey’s decision to ratify Paris Agreement

The European Union on Sept. 22 welcomed Turkey's plan to ratify Paris Agreement on climate change next month.

"Very welcome step that Turkey is ready to ratify the #ParisAgreement on climate," Frans Timmermans, the European Commission's executive vice president for the European Green Deal, said on Twitter.

Power output from wind hits 10.7 percent

Wind's share in Turkey's monthly electricity generation passed 10 percent threshold for the first time in January, the energy and natural resources minister said on Feb. 23.

"The wind blows with records in 2021," Fatih Dönmez said in a tweet.

Power generation through wind turbines rose to more than 10 percent for the first time in Turkey's history, he added.