Pakistani foreign minister thanks Greek counterpart for Pylos rescue operations

The Foreign Minister of Pakistan Bilawal Bhutto Zardari contacted his Greek counterpart Vassilis Kaskarelis to convey his government's gratitude for Greek efforts to rescue Pakistani survivors aboard the vessel that capsized near Pylos last week.

"FM Zardari thanked FM Kaskarelis for the Greek Authorities' efforts to assist the Pakistani citizens who have been rescued and briefed him on the measures taken in his country to deal with people smuggling criminal networks", said the Foreign Ministry in a statement uploaded to social media.

"FM Kaskarelis extended his deep condolences for the Pakistani citizens who lost their lives in the shipwreck, assured him of the competent Ministries' readiness to work in tandem with the Pakistani authorities & thanked the Pakistani government for the initiative to combat smuggling networks," it concluded.

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