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Iraqi museum works toward reopening

Iraqi officials on May 11 said Mosul's once-celebrated museum had entered the final stages of restorations ahead of a planned 2026 reopening after being closed to the public for 20 years.

The museum closed its doors in 2003, amid the chaos following the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, and was later ransacked by Islamic State group jihadists after they seized the city in 2014.

Istanbul tourism awaits UEFA final

The tourism sector in Istanbul is preparing for the UEFA Champions League Final to be played at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium on June 10, with expections that about 50,000 fans will arrive in the city.

Hoteliers who reported mediocre earnings during April and May, the peak months for Istanbul tourism, due to the deadly Feb. 6 quakes, are locked on the UEFA Champions League Final.