Bulgaria: Masks will be Mandatory in Hospitals in Cities with many COVID Cases

The Ministry of Health will today order the regional health inspectorates (RHI) to issue a prescription for the wearing of protective masks in medical facilities in the cities with the highest incidence of COVID-19. This was announced by the chief state health inspector Angel Kunchev, quoted by BTA.

UAE announces Gulf’s first known case of monkeypox

The United Arab Emirates became the first Gulf country to announce a case of monkeypox on Tuesday, insisting it was "fully prepared" to handle any outbreak.

The UAE is believed to be just the second Middle Eastern country after Israel to detect monkeypox, whose appearance in a number of countries has caused alarm after the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 250 Million Cases of COVID-19 in the World, Record Numbers in Eastern Europe

The number of cases of coronavirus infection in the world today exceeded 250 million, Reuters reported.

Some countries in Eastern Europe have registered record numbers, although the wave of coronavirus Delta infection is beginning to subside and many countries are easing trade and tourism restrictions.

Russian Scientist: People with Certain Genes Do Not Become Infected with the Coronavirus

People with certain genes and features in the blood picture are not infected with the coronavirus, Russian scientists found in a special study. Leading the study is the director of the Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology Pasteur in Russia, Acad. Areg Totolyan. He is also a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

We Can be Infected with Both Flu and COVID-19, the Bulgarian Ministry of Health Warns

Seasonal flu and COVID-19 are contagious respiratory diseases caused by various viruses. COVID-19 is a coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2, first identified in 2019, and the flu is caused by infection with various influenza viruses. Seasonal flu has long been known in medical science.