54 whooping cough cases reported, with 2 fatalities

An increase in whooping cough cases has been recorded in recent months in several European countries, including Greece, where two deaths have already been recorded this year.

According to data from the National Public Health Organization (EODY), 54 cases have been recorded in Greece this year, including among 32 children and adolescents, 11 of whom are infants under the age of one.

One adult with an underlying condition died from the infection, as did a newborn.

Alternate Health Minister Eirini Agapidaki has issued a circular providing detailed vaccination recommendations.

Known medically as pertussis, whooping cough is an highly contagious and acute microbial respiratory infection, with an 80% secondary infection rate among infected individuals.

Transmission from person to person occurs through droplets or direct contact with secretions from the...

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