Ukrainian embassy in Turkey launches aid campaign

An aid campaign has been launched by the Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara after Russia's attack on the country and a total of $10,800, along with 900,000 Turkish Liras, were collected as of late Feb. 26, a statement from the embassy said.

"This money will be used to strengthen the Ukrainian army and the defense of our country, down to the last penny," the embassy tweeted.

Experts warn of risks from growing population density in Istanbul

Istanbul is underprepared for its booming population, and the sustainability of urban life will be at risk if the population continues to increase, experts have warned.

The debates on the sustainability of urban life in Istanbul became headlines again following the announcement of the population data for 2021 by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

Maiden’s Tower to open in April as restoration nears end

Restoration works at the Maiden's Tower in Istanbul have neared an end as the historical tower is expected to be presented to the public in April, İhlas News Agency has reported.

"The dome is strengthened with carbon fibers, the roof has been raised and fortification walls have emerged," it reported on Feb. 18.

Central Bank to move to Istanbul in Summer

The Turkish Central Bank will move its headquarters from Ankara to Istanbul this summer, according to an internal e-mail notice reported by the local media on Feb. 14. 

Last year, Central Bank Governor Şahap Kavcıoğlu told the media about plans to relocate the bank's units to the Istanbul Financial Center (IFC), which is still under construction, within 2022.