Stars gleaming green

"İzmir'in dağlarında çiçekler açar!" / "Flowers bloom on the mountains of İzmir!" These words of the much-popular Izmir anthem were ringing in my ears as I left the celebration after the Michelin Guide ceremony in Istanbul. The second edition of the highly anticipated results for Türkiye was announced on Nov. 9.

A century of history and contribution in Greece

In early September, 101 years ago, as the Turkish cavalry entered Smyrna, a Greek city on the Aegean coast of Anatolia, some 1,200 women and children sought refuge within the courtyard of the American Collegiate Institute for Girls, also known as the American Girls' School. This school stood in the very neighborhood where the most devastating looting and killings occurred.

Architects lose 30,000 euros to Balkans tour scam

The owner of a tour company with its headquarters in İzmir is accused of defrauding 61 members of the Chamber of Architects branch in Denizli province of roughly 30,000 euros after signing a contract for a Balkans trip.

In April 2023, the chamber which organized a Balkans tour for its members met with Emine Yıldız, the owner of an Izmir-based tour company for the trip.