Prominent Turkish cartoonist Kaan Ertem dies at age 53

Renowned Turkish cartoonist and scriptwriter Kaan Ertem died on June 8 at the age of 53 at his home in Istanbul.

"We lost our friend and beloved Kaan Ertem. Our condolences to his family, fans, readers and the world of humor," said a statement by LeMan, a Turkish satire magazine where the cartoonist worked for many years.

Turkish police raid Gülen-linked Feza Publications for printing 'imitation' newspaper

Turkish police have raided the Istanbul offices of Feza Publications for printing an imitation of dailies Bugün and Millet called "Özgür Bugün" and "Özgür Millet" ("Özgür" meaning "free" in Turkish), referring to a Koza-?pek Group newspaper which adopted a pro-government stance after a caretaker took control of its management. 

Vancouver to host first Turkish film fest

The Vancouver Turkish Films Festival (VTTF) will be organized for the first time between Jan. 23 and 25.

The founder and director of VTTF, Hakan Burcuo?lu, said their purpose was to promote Turkish culture, arts and identity in Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada and one of the most important filmmaking centers in North America.