Korneliya Ninova

Bulgarian Socialists Announce Leaders of Election Tickets

Journalist Elena Yoncheva will be a BSP for Bulgaria candidate, reported Dnevnik daily.

The Executive Bureau of the party discussed the leaders of the candidates lists with which the party will participate in the snap elections on March 26. These have to be confirmed by the National Council of the party on Saturday.

Bulgarian Socialists Approve Direct Election of Leader, Put Cap on MP Terms

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) on Sunday approved new rules putting a cap on lawmakers' terms and changing the way leaders are elected.

The BSP, the second-largest political party after the last parliamentary election in 2014, is being overhauled under its chair Korneliya Ninova, who took over last spring.

BSP Ask Borisov If BGN 2 B Has Been Stolen From Budget Surplus

The leader of BSP Korneliya Ninova has asked Prime Minister Boyko Borisov where the surplus of BGN 2 B from last year's budget is.

According to the minutes of the Council of Ministers, which was distributed on 20 Positano St on Friday, in August 2016 the surplus was BGN 3.267 B which Borisov said would not be spent but would be used as a "buffer".

Bulgaria's Socialists Return Govt Mandate to President

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has handed back the mandate to form a new government and lead the country out of the current Parliamentary crisis.

"I will not use the opportunity [to form a cabinet," Ninova has said before handing out a statement to Plevneliev to confirm the decision.

Ninova is accompanied by two core BSP members, Angel Naydenov and Zhelyo Boychev.

Bulgarian Socialist Head Admits to Disagreeing with President-Elect on Judicial Reform

Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Korneliya Ninova has acknowledged her disagreement with President-elect Rumen Radev, backed by her party, on how a key reform to the judicial system should proceed.

"We have a different notion about how things would happen," she has told private bTV broadcaster in an interview.

BSP's Ninova: If We Are Handed Mandate, We Will Return It

If we are handed a mandate, we will return it immediately. If a third political force makes an attempt to form a government within the framework of the current Parliament, we will remain in opposition, stated Korneliya Ninova, BSP's leader after the meeting of the Consultative Council for National Security, reported BGNES.