Kosovo Liberation Army

Kosovo Ruling Party Claims Victory in Elections

Thaci said after polls closed that his Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, had won the elections, although the Central Election Commission reported a turnout of only 43.2 per cent.

“As of tomorrow morning we will continue to fulfil our duties. As of tomorrow we will start to implement our ‘New Mission’,” former Kosovo Liberation Army leader Thaci said in a speech on Sunday night.

Kosovo Heightens Security For Elections

With general elections looming in Kosovo on Sunday, the authorities in Pristina have increased measures in order to prevent fraud or intimidation at polling stations.

Alongside 27,733 election observers, around 100 prosecutors will be on duty across the country to ensure that no corrupt acts or crimes take place during voting.

Uncertainty Adds Tension to Kosovo Election Campaign

The shortest election campaign in Kosovo's history will end on Friday midnight - but experts warn that the battle for power is likely to become harsher in the final days.

Shpend Kursani, a political expert, said the campaign would likely get tougher, precisely because the outcome of the election was so uncertain.

Ex-KLA Fighters Surrender After Escape

Sami Lushtaku, Ismet Haxha and Sahit Jashari surrendered to the Kosovo Police on Thursday night, two days after they went on the run from a clinic in Pristina on Tuesday after refusing to be transferred to a prison in the northern town of Mitrovica.

The defendants surrendered in the hospital surroundings, where it is believed they had been hiding since their escape.